The name Op-T is derived from the company’s goal: to provide improved health by maintaining optimal function of T cells. Data thus far have supported this founding intent. Normal levels of T cells are important to good health. When T cells become out of control diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease occur. We identified a specific type of T cell called TH40 that loses regulation and becomes expanded in number in affected subjects. Elevated numbers of TH40 cells have consistently been shown to lead to and sustain the auto-inflammation found in virtually all autoimmune disorders. Op-T’s proprietary drug has proven in various pre-clinical testing in animals to restore T cell levels to their normal range and to reduce the complications from inflammation. The drug has proven therapeutic in controlling glucose, reducing insulin requirements, and reducing complications in type 1 diabetes in companion dogs. In pre-clinical studies in animals, the peptide was proven to be able to control cytokine storms such as those occurring in COVID-19 and other severe infectious diseases. Op-T’s primary goal is to continue to develop this drug for human disease.